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I like discovering inspirations and trying new things, and this also applies to food. I'm lucky my family has the same opinion. I love traveling that opens up new horizons and I've never been the type of tourist who looks for Czech restaurants on his trips. On each of our journeys, whether across Europe or Asia I always enjoy new tastes and look forward to local specialities.

I love food, I like to come up with my own recipes and I care that the result is not only tasty, but also healthy and attractive to look at. It always makes me feel great when my whole family, including children, enjoys what they have on their plates and when we have a nice time together at the family table.

But everything is a development - I also had to reach this goal...

Irecently realized that I don'tremember the last time I had a hard time after eating or having a bigger problem with digestion. Even though I cook and eat everything. A few years ago, I often dealt with digestive problems, and I blamed it on spoiled food or my sensitive stomach. I didn't have very good skin, I felt very tired, without energy and also constantly bloated. I felt like after eating anything I would have a heavy stomach for next few hours.

Allergies can occur at any age and can be very bothering

I started to have pollen allergies and so-called seasonal asthma ... completely new experience to me. In addition to perfume, emergency inhaler and allergy pills started to appear in my purse more and more often. Of course, that doesn't add much to a good mood and one is irritated because he does not feel good. Not even in a dream I would say these things that bothered me may be related.

During this time, I first heard about something like a food allergy and about the fact that we may not have a proven allergy to some foods and yet they can negatively affect our health, skin and even the psyche. It is because their genetic modification. This is, of course, just in brief, a lot of other information you can read on the internet.

Problems tend to be our opportunities

My breakthrough came thanks to my friend, who is a great naturopath. She mixed some herbs for me, increased my vitamin intake and, above all, removed wheat and cow milk from my diet. Finding out that these raw materials occur even where I would not look for them was a great surprise for me and I became even more interested. So, I started looking for alternatives for these seemingly essential foods and I was amazed by the number of other options.

I removed wheat and milk from my diet. So, what has changed?

I literally got excited about this way of eating and I infected (in a good way ????) also my surroundings. My family and friends tried to cook according to my new recipes and bought foods they did not know before. I was pleased by their positive feedbacks and I was happy about every report of benefit it brought to them.

Gradually, my troubles began to disappear and after a relatively short time I felt like a completely different person. That was the moment when I realized that external beauty really does come from the inside. I searched for recipes on foreign websites and refined them according to myself so the food was not only healthy but it also looked great.


I found the "Rainbow Planet"

The icing on the cake was our trip to Australia, where we went with my partner and our one-year-old girl at the time. We travelled for over a year and in this completely different world I collected a lot of knowledge and inspiration from which I continue to draw.


There I also discovered colourful superfood powders that are 100% natural, raw, vegan, gluten free and milk free. They are all completely natural products from a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and plants, extremely nutritious and full of vitamins. They have a number of benefits for overall health, skin and mental balance.

I got inspired by this great idea and I build my own brand of colourful superfoods - Rainbow Planet. My offer of rainbow powders is getting wider and I am preparing many interesting, funny and at the same time healthy things.

Natural and colourful superfoods are good for everyone

So far everything has been fine, but now it's perfect! With a good feeling I give my children colourful treats and I know the still eat healthy foods full of vitamins and minerals. I add superfood powders to smoothies and yoghurts, pancakes, pasta and everything else what my imagination allows, including bread spreads and rice.

After all, I won't keep it to myself. There is also an eBook with recipes!

During the time of my "new" diet I have tried a lot of different recipes so I decided to incorporate these amazing rainbow powders into them and I wrote an eBook -  Colourful Superfood Recipes.So, you can also try what it is like to eat tasty, healthy and colourful, thanks to simple instructions and tips.

I pass on my enthusiasm and every feedback from those who not only like these superfoods but they also solved some of their problems thanks to these powders, makes me extremely happy.

I believe that also for you it can be an inspiration and a new challenge to discover something new.

Have nice days and enjoy the rainbow every day!

Vlaďka Volfová



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